A Well Stuck Cat

“Who me? No, I’m perfectly ok in here. Not stuck at all!” It never fails to amaze me […]

Have A Fluffy Week!

“Oh no, don’t tell me it’s Monday!” I’m afraid it is. But hey, at least you have a […]

Who’s A Naughty Kitten?

The answer to that question is: Every kitten. Kittens are curious and will always get into mischief. It’s […]

Cross-eyed Colorpointed Cat

“A Siamese cat!” I hear you calling. Well, almost.  The modern Siamese breed looks a bit different from […]

Three Kittens In a Row

Oooh! Kittens! And three of them today! Woohoo! They do look like littermates despite the different colors. All […]

Scratching Post Fever

Sweet fluffy calico in a scene that any cat owner would love to see in his home (and fortunately, […]