Precious newborn kitten

Hush… This kitten is asleep. For this¬†tiny newborn kitten, still deaf and blind,¬†it’s more than “beauty sleep”. Kittens […]

Fluffy kitten closeup

Fluff! Fluffy fluff all over! Fluffy kittens are absolutely and entirely irresistible, aren’t they? Keep in mind that […]

Cat Furriends

Nothing quite like the friendship between two cats! Cats that grow together from the time of their kittenhood […]

Scottish Fold Kittens

What adorable little kittens! I’m sure we’re all enjoying them for the sheer cuteness factor and that’s fine […]

Tabby cat waiting

Your classic tabby pattern here and it’s classic feline look on this cat’s face. What would you say […]

Dumbo Kitten

Kittens with huge ears are sure to melt your heart! Why does this kitten have such huge ears? […]

Tabby and white cat

Da Vinci is quoted as having said “Even the smallest of felines is a masterpiece”. He was right, […]