Stunning Bengal Cat

Delightful image here of a regal Bengal cat stopping mid-grooming. If you look closely, you’ll see that patch […]

Dramatic calico

What a dramatic look we have here. A mesmerizing tri-colored cat looking into the camera with that look […]

A basket full of kittens

Six sweet kittens looking at us out of a basket. Fortunately, the basket is large enough as these […]

Relaxed Cat Picture

This beautiful blue/gray cat seems relaxed. Some may think he’s sleepy but actually, he’s relaxed AND alert at […]

Cat Petting Pleasures

Nothing quite like petting a cat! This beautiful photo demonstrates only too well the sheer pleasure experienced by […]

Blue Cat with Copper Eyes

Blue cats have always held a fascination with me. Something nice and almost psychedelic about blue for a cat coat […]