Exotic cat picture – Let’s talk about this breed

This exotic cat picture is really pretty and it gives me a chance to mix sharing an awesome pic with talking about an interesting breed.

Exotic cat picture

Does this kitty remind you of a Persian cat? You’re not too far off course here. However, this is not a Persian cat who had a haircut but a different breed altogether.

What are exotic cats?

I don’t know why they chose the term “exotic” for this breed. To me, “exotic” brings to mind pictures of tigers, leopards and panthers.

When you’re talking about cat breeds though, “exotic” is actually the name of a breed that’s a shorthaired version of Persian cats. This breed was created several decades ago by breeders of Persian cats who wanted to preserve the unique body and facial characteristics of Persians while losing the very long coat. They bred Persians with American shorthair (a distinct actual breed) and created these flat-faced cats.

This particular exotic cat picture shows that face well. I liked it because of the overall photographic quality and the fact that it’s a tricolored cat. To be more specific, the coat color is a diluted tortoiseshell with a lovely pattern of blue and cream.

Doesn’t she look all comfortable lying like that. She knows she’s beautiful and she likes it!

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