Cat enjoying the sunshine

Is it still nicely sunny and warm where you live? Be like this smart cat, make this an indian summer and enjoy these last days in the sun.

Cat in the sunCats love basking in the sunlight. While it’s safe for you to go out there and lounge anywhere in the warm rays, make sure kitty is safe when he or she is doing the same.

Enjoying the sun rays Рthe Safe Way for Cats

Keeping your cat indoors is so much safe for him or her but it doesn’t have to mean sun-rays-deprivation! There are wonderful ways which can allow your cat to enjoy the sun while keeping her perfectly safe.

  1. A cat enclosure is not that hard to create by blocking a porch with proper cat-proof netting. If you have your own backyard, you can create an actual outdoor enclosure for your cat.
  2. Walking your cat outside using a harness and leash is an option. Just make sure you train kitty and prepare her for the adventure!
  3. If nothing else, a cat perch by the window can provide a cat with some needed snoozing in the sun.

Keep your cats safe and enjoy the last days of summer!

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