A Birman Cat Picture To Warm Your Heart

Can you feel the fall coming? I’m making a point of not posting any fall-themed pictures just yet but lo and behold, there’s a nice cat cuddling by his loving owner on a couch… and a throw lying next to them. Is it me, or has fall snuck into this beautiful Birman cat picture?

Birman cat picture

About Birman Cats

In case you’re not familiar with Birman cats, here’s a link to a short breed description of Birman cats. As you can read there, this is a natural breed from Burma which actually almost died outĀ at some point. Fortunately, ethical cat breeders worked hard on preserving it and so today we can enjoy these cats (and this Birman cat picture too!)

I just love the whole setup of this particular Birman cat picture. The color palette is just wonderful, warm and heartwarming. It manages to bring out the cat’s beautiful golden and brown coat while the color the woman’s blue jeans complementsĀ her gorgeous blue eyes. This photo is all about being comfortable at home with your cat.

I also love the curious look on this adorable kitty’s face. She is the focus of this pic and she seems to know it, doesn’t she?

What do you think? Does this Birman cat picture speak to you? Let me know in the comment section!

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