A silver-tipped cat wearing a harness

What a fascinating photo! Lots to talk about here. First, feast your eyes on this gorgeous silver-tipped cat and let the picture make its first impression on you uninterrupted –Cat walking on a harness and leash

What breed is this cat?

It’s not easy to tell from this angle but my bet is on a British shorthair with the gorgeous coat coloring that’s known as “tipped” and sometimes as “shell”. This essentially means the very end of each hair is darker than the rest of it. It gives a “silvery” effect that’s best seen when the cat is moving. This is the same effect you see in purebred Chinchilla cats (usually a variant of Persians). If you’re interested in this topic, you should read this article: Cat coat colors & patterns.

But why the strange harness?

Ahh, now there’s something cat owners should know about!

To keep your cat safe, you should keep her or him indoors. Too many dangers lurking outside, including cars, dogs and humans. If you still want to allow Kitty to enjoy being outside, there are two ways in which you can do that:

  1. Create a secured outdoor enclosure where your cat can safely spend time enjoying the fresh air.
  2. Train your cat to go with you on walks outside while securely held on a leash.

And this is where the harness part comes in. You should never ever tie a leash to a cat’s collar. For one thing, a safe cat collar is a breakaway collar, meaning it’s designed to allow the cat to lose the collar if enough pressure is applied to it. Secondly, if for some reason you’re not using a breakaway collar (and you should!), pulling on the collar with the leash can hurt the cat’s delicate shoulder bones and neck. Please, only use breakaway collars and never use a leash on a cat’s collar.

A harness is the right contraption to use when walking Kitty on a leash. It means less pressure is applied to the cat’s neck area, allowing you to stay in control and quickly scoop up your cat in case of danger.

One last point – train your cat to be walked on a leash and harness. Don’t just try to plop a harness on and take her outside. Read here about harness and leash training for cats.

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