Young kitten picture for the weekend

So sorry about the lack of recent updates. August is a tough month in how life tends to take up more of your time, leaving fewer hours for blogging. I want to make it up to you today with this awesome picture of a young kitten –Young kitten picture

I love the color combination in this photo. Did you know that the combination of blue/teal and orange is one of the most popular ones in graphic design? I think i can see why!┬áThe soft blue towel perfectly matches the deep gray-blue hue of the kitten’s eyes.

Why is this kitten standing like that?

Of course, what’s really great about this picture isn’t the color palette. It’s the great catch of a kitten, looking into the camera with his paw up in the air, considering whether this is something to be pounced at or not. He’s so cute and fluffy but those who are well-versed in feline behavior recognize the pose for what it is: A predator’s offspring, honing his survival skills!

Enjoy this week’s installment and paws crossed, I hope future updates will be more frequent!

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