Magnificent cat close-up photograph

Cats are beautiful at any distance but more often than not, it’s good close-up photos that capture my attention. Just like this one here.


This close-up shot of a bi-color tabby and white cat gives us a rare opportunity to really take a close look at a cat’s face. It’s something that’s is best avoided in real life, especially with timid cats, or if you don’t know the cat very well.

Why shouldn’t you stare at a cat?

The feline face is fascinating. Everything about it, from the whiskers,  pink mouth and the velvet nose to the amazing eyes. Let’s face it (no pun intended! ok, maybe just a little pun intended…) given half a chance, you could easily spend a few good minutes looking closely at a cat’s face. Especially one with such interesting markings.

The problem? Staring is considered rude in cat language. When cats try to display social superiority in an aggressive manner they may stare at the other cat. If the other cat stares back, this could deteriorate into an actual cat fight.

When you stare at a cat, you’re scaring her or him. Especially if that cat doesn’t know you, or if it happens to be a timid or shy cat. Try doing the opposite: if the cat happens to catch your look, slowly close your eyes and then slowly open them again but not all the way through. Repeat this for a minute and you should see the cat reciprocating with the same gesture. Congratulations! You just said “It’s ok, I’m not trying to scare you” in cat language!

Already knew that? You must be quite proficient in cat language. Why not take this quiz to check –

How Well Do You Speak Cat?

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know how you did!

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