A gorgeous Bengal cat with green eyes

Sharing a stunning Bengal cat picture today. Just look at those eyes!

Bengal cat

Of course, you should also look at his amazing coat pattern, featuring the famous rosettes – the breed’s trademark – visible on his back.

The focus is definitely on the cat’s face here. The rest is actually quite blurry. It’s really a stunning portrait of a Bengal cat’s face. Those large green eyes so beautifully expressing a keen look of curiosity.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the entire “alert” position of the cat shows that he’s not relaxed. At the same time, his pupils are anything but dilated.┬áPossibly because this was shot outside, with the light affecting the size of the pupils.

The reason a cat’s pupils become larger at times of stress (as do ours in the same situations) is to allow more light in. The more light coming in, the more┬áthe cat can see. If there’s a lot of light around the cat, then this may become unnecessary. No need to dilate the pupils any further.

I hope to share more pictures of Bengal cats in the future. It will be an opportunity to blog more about this special breed of cats. For now, let’s just enjoy this picture and the look in the cat’s eyes.

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