Calico Cat Picture

I can never really get enough of these cats of three colors. When talking photography, each calico cat picture is entirely different from the other. The very nature of this color pattern means that every cat is unique looking.

Calico Kitty Picture

Here’s a piece of calico trivia for you.

The word “calico” originally referred to a type of cotton cloth. It was manufactured in India, in a town the English settlers called Calicut, hence the name “Calico”.

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

The makers of calico cloths would just throw in the entire cotton plant, husks and all. This created an unbalanced – almost patched – look. Can you see where this is going? People soon started calling kitties with patched coats calicos.

Back to this calico cat picture. I love seeing what a one-of-a-kind pattern each calico has. Like this one, with her white and orange face adorned with a splotch of black paint there by her nose. How cute is that?

Have you ever been owned by a calico cat? I’d love to hear all about her (or the very rare him!) in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this quick piece of trivia and the calico cat picture, please do share this post with your friends! Thank you!


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