Himalayan Cat Picture For Your Weekend

Just sharing an adorable Himalayan cat picture today. I felt the beautiful array of chocolate and cream hues in this photo was just the thing for a peaceful Sunday morning. what do you think?

Himalayan cat picture

It’s not just the colors that are soothing. It’s the way we get to see just how relaxed a cat can get, practically taking on the shape of the glass bowl there. Cats can be liquid that way sometime, you know.

A Little Tidbit About Himalayan Cats

Himalayan cats – or Himmies as the breed fans sometimes call them – are a fascinating breed. They are one of the few breeds created through deliberately mixing two naturally-occurring breeds. In this case, breeders crossed pampered longhair Persian cats with active and curious Siamese cats. The result is a magnificent breed of beautiful cats with the long hair, stocky build, round face and round eyes of Persians, along with the color-pointed coat pattern and striking blue eyes of the Siamese.

This is the kind of mix that could have never happened naturally. The Siamese breed originated in Thailand while the Persian breed was created in Iran. Thailand and Iran are both in Asia but almost on opposite sides of the huge continent. It took people in the Western World to bring the two types of cats together and merge them into an entirely new cat breed: The Himalayan.

I hope you enjoyed this very short review of the breed and even more so, the beautiful, funny and heartwarming Himalayan cat pic! Isn’t he just adorable, all curled up in his round glass bowl?

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