Pictures Of Baby Cats

Looking for sweet pictures of baby cats? Here's an awesome one for you, along with a warning about why you should only apply that term to cute cat pics and not confuse real kittens with human babies.

I recently found out that this is actually a phrase people are looking for online: “Pictures Of Baby Cats”. Strange, as I’m so used to calling them kittens but I guess they are also babies. Of cats. So, yeah, “baby cats”, if you like.Pictures Of Baby Cats

It makes some sort of sense, I guess. Everyone says the internet is about cats yet it seems like my friends love nothing more than sharing pictures of their own babies (children or grandchildren) on Facebook. It’s only natural the two trends converge with some people, making them look for “pictures of baby cats”.

If that’s you, welcome to my blog! It’s perfectly ok by me if what you’re looking for is an extra dose of cuteness. Just look at this picture of two too-sweet-for-your-pancreas kittens.

I can tell they are no longer newborns because their ears are fairly developed. Kittens are born deaf and blind, with folded ears and closed eyes. During the first couple of weeks, their eyes open and so do their ear flaps. Of course, in this case, their eyes are shut but that’s just because they are sound asleep.

And that actually brings me to the point I want to make about the use of the phrase “pictures of baby cats”. You see, it’s fine to think of them as cute human babies if you’re only looking for your daily dose of feline-flavored eye candy. However, we should always remember that cats are not in fact small humans. They’re different and there is a LOT you need to know to care for them.

That’s even more so when talking about kittens. Caring for orphaned newborn kittens takes a lot of dedication and expertise. In order to give them the best chance they can get, you simply have to know what you’re doing. And that means, learning about proper cat care, or in this case, proper kitten care. Don’t assume they’re just small humans because they most certainly are not.

Enjoy the picture and bookmark these two links, just in case you come across kittens in need. It can save their lives –

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