Black cat pic? I got you covered!

Black cats can be difficult to photograph so I'm glad to share this awesome black cat pic with you today, along with a short background story!

It’s been awhile since I shared a black cat pic. That’s a shame because black cats are simply beautiful. They can be a challenge to photograph though. Maybe that’s why there aren’t enough good photos of them share. I promise to make more of an effort and scour my reservoirs of cat pics to find you some excellent ones!

We can start with this majestic panther right here.

Black cat picI like this photo because it doesn’t try to scare you (as some photos of black cats do). Instead it just shows a beautiful kitty in a perfectly normal everyday pose, on a crocheted table cloth which I can only assume is on an actual table. In other words, he’s just being a cat and claiming the exact spot where he’s probably not supposed to be.

It’s a good photo where the photographer captured the black cat in a way that really compliments his shiny coat (the cat’s coat, not the photographer’s jacket!) After all, the second most common problem with black cat pics (following the “scary theme” issue) is that you need very good lighting to have the black coat show up in all its glory.

To further the plot of the story behind this picture, the cat is “speaking”. Healthy cats don’t usually let their mouth hang open, you see. Unlike dogs, they don’t have to pant in order to cool themselves or anything silly like that. Nope. A cat will only open his or her mouth to eat or to say something.

What is this kitty saying? Probably explaining to his owner that the table is in fact exactly where a self-respecting dignified black cat should be!

Do you like my little black cat pic story? Who knows if this is in fact the dialogue going on in the background. It certainly could be. Black cats are just as opinionated and proud as any other feline *wink*

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