Adorable Cross Eyed Siamese Cat

This Cross eyed Siamese cat is adorable, isn't he? Enjoy the picture and read on to learn why his eyes are crossed and why it's not a problem at all.

Have you ever met a cross eyed Siamese cat? I have. There is something intrinsically cute about that look. Maybe because we tend to associate cross eyes with babies? I don’t know. It’s just adorable.

Cross Eyed Siamese Cat

And don’t worry. A cross eyed Siamese isn’t in pain and doesn’t suffer any ill consequences for being cross-eyed. In fact, just like a kinked tail, it’s considered a quality that is ok to keep in a breeding program.

They live perfectly happy and normal lives with no ill effects. Unlike what some people think, these felines have healthy eyesight. They can play, hunt and enjoy life just like any other kitty.

How Does A Cross Eyed Siamese Cat Get The Condition?

This is a genetic trait that goes hand in hand with these cats having the colorpoint coat pattern. It causes the cells at the back of the cat’s eye (on the retina) to shift a little to one side.

Normal cats and people can see in three dimensions because whenever we look forward, our retinas are perfectly aligned. For every point on the retina in your left eye, there’s a corresponding point in your right eye and the two are fully aligned, giving you stereoscopic vision. How cool is that?

For the cross eyed Siamese cat, the retinal shift means seeing double when looking forward. To correct this issue, Kitty must cross one or two eyes and align the data coming in via the retinas.

Do you want to see what a cross eyed Siamese cat would be seeing if he were to stop crossing his eyes? It’s easy, just cross yours. Seeing double? That’s exactly what these cats are trying to avoid. Just please don’t do that for too long or too often. I don’t know if it’s harmful or not but I know I sure don’t enjoy it and it gets painful after a very short while!

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