Maine Coon Cat Pictures Rock!

The huge and fluffy Maine Coon is one of my favorite breeds. Join me if you too love this breed and want to see Maine Coon Cat Pictures (just be warned I talk about feline genetics as well in this post!)

I love all cats but this is definitely one of my favorite breeds. Their sheer size and fluffiness is enough to make me want to hug one. Alas, all I can do in this blog is just share Maine Coon cat pictures. It’s better than nothing, right?

Maine Coon Cat Pictures

One of the things I love about this photo is that it shows just how huge the older Maine Coon is. The kitten doesn’t look very young. It has to be at least two months old. Possibly older. Yes standing side by side with a mature MC seems to dwarf her, doesn’t it?

Interrupting our broadcast for a moment of zen feline genetics

The kitten is (almost) definitely a female. I can tell that because she’s a torbie, i.e. a mix of tabby and calico/tortoiseshell. Whenever you see a cat that has a combination of these two colors together: Black or gray, along with red or cream, you can be sure that cat has two X chromosomes.

Each X chromosome has place for one of the colors, either black/gray or red/cream. For both to show up, the cat must have two copies of the X chromosome. Which means it’s almost certainly a female because where males have XY chromosomes, females of the species have XX. So, why “almost” definitely? There is a rare condition called a trisomy, where a cat has three copies of a chromosome instead of two. That’s when you end up with a male cat with two X chromosomes and a calico coat pattern. Sorry about the long explanation, I bet that was much more than you bargained for *wink*

I digressed from the topic at hand which is Maine Coon cat pictures – sorry about that! Still, on the off chance that you may actually be fascinated by feline genetics (I certainly am!), there’s a cool explanation about trisomies in cats in this article about Down Syndrome in cats (spoiler: there’s no such thing as Down Syndrome in cats).

Expect More Maine Coon Cat Pictures

Yup. I’m going to go through my secret stash of cat pictures and fish out more Maine Coons. In fact, I’m setting up a blog category just for these awesome huge cats. I promise to talk more about the breed in general and less about geeky science stuff!

Don’t worry, other types and breeds will be getting my loving and doting attention soon too. Just know that if you’re crazy about Coons, you should definitely sign up for the mailing list! (Sign up box is to your right. No need to push, there’s enough emails to go around!)

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