Old Sphynx Lady

I was tempted to give this photo the title of “Old Naked Lady” but I don’t want it to attract the wrong kind of visitors to this blog! So, Sphynx Lady it is.old-sphynx-lady

Unfortunately, I don’t really know the sex or age of the cat in this wonderful photo. The breed is pretty obvious. It’s hard to mix a whisker-less Sphynx with any other breed. There are other hairless cat breeds but they are extremely rare, so in this case a Sphynx is a good guess. Why “old”? I think the eyes give it away in this case. They look opaque rather than clear. It’s possible this cat has a cataract but it could also just be old age. And finally, why “Lady”? Because of that elegant old-world fur coat, of course! I just hope she’s eco-minded enough to make sure it’s fake fur 😉

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