Cute Cream Kitten

Just look at this irresistible cute kitten, curious enough about its surroundings to be gnawing away on a red plastic box! This “blondie” has a light ginger coat, light enough to be known as “cream” rather than “red” tabby.


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    Nice shot! The blue eyed cream colored cat was very lovely. Is the cat a she or he? Anyway, she was adorable. Her very charming and innocent face was too cute. I find her sweet and easy to be likable. It reminds me my young pussy cat. She died last year, so sad about it, but then, I am happy to see that cute cat. Thanks for sharing.

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    The cat is so cute and I love its eyes. It seems that it finds something fun that attracts its passion to get it. I love to have this pet since it can be a good friend me like dogs for others.

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