Sweet Longhair Torbie Kitten

This sweet kitten is a total fluffball with eyes that spell out curiosity. She has a unique cat pattern that combines the tabby markings with the tortoiseshell tri-colored patches – quite striking for a longhair cat! Like calico cats, tortoiseshells are almost always females. Click here to read about the unique genetic setup of these felines of three colors.


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    Such a cute cat she is. Her eyes are looking absolutely awesome. I want to have same kitten in my house. I ‘ll try my best to search this kitten.

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    This little kitten is looking very innocent.Specially her eyes are looking amazing. I am also thinking about to start my search for this kitten. I wana purchase it for my son.

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      Thanks for your comment – please avoid using keywords in your username fields. I edited it out now, or I would have had to delete your comment.

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    I have a cat that looks like this one, his name is Mr Tumnus. He is a rescue and is on a special diet because he was gaining too much weight.

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