Blue Eyed Himalayan or Persian?

I love this picture for the breathtaking contrast between these stunning blue eyes and the silvery blue facial fur. I found this picture on I’m still not sure if it’s an older Himalyan cat with a darker shade, or a blue Persian with photoshopped eyes. Either way, it’s a beautiful picture.


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    We have a couple of birman cats, one a blue and the other a blue mixed with a tabby cat. Both are getting on in age, 17 and 18 respectively. I do love the blue eyes for a cat, and the colour in this photo is lovely I must say.

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    Is it true that Persian have a “difficult charakter”? Also, I recently read that a cat may help alleviate negative moods but is unlikely to make you feel especially good (Turner, Rieger & Gygax, 2003) and that cats owners may be more likely than others to die in the 12 monhts following a heart attack. (Friedmann & Thomas, 1995)
    Dog owners on the other hand, were nine times more likely to be alive 12 months later!). Can somebody please explain this?

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    I love the picture and those eyes are absolutely stunning! They may not be Photoshopped either, I took a picture of my cat a few years ago and must have hit the right angle because her eyes came out a wonderful blue. You never know though, but either way it’s a great picture

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