Curious Tortoiseshell Cat

What an interesting looking cat! Tri-colored cats, calicos and¬†tortoiseshells (affectionately known as torties are always so interesting to […]

A Cat In A Hat

One of the great things about photographing kittens is that you can use props for an extra touch […]

Two cats are better than one

There’s a misconception out there, saying that cats are solitary animals. They’re not. Cats need human companionship and […]

A laughing kitten

Gotta love kitty smiles. It’s even better when they burst out laughing! Like this sweet kitten enjoying the […]

Lazy cat days

Cats are not lazy but when they lay on their back like that, you could easily be confused […]

Ragdoll Cat Eyes

Ragdolls are known for their mellow temperament. The breed is named after ragdolls, after all, dolls that just […]

That pink cat tongue

We have a cat tongue picture for you today! And there’s a cat attached too ha ha!Cat usually […]